End of Evening Thoughts: August 29

Andy is the most wonderful man. I wish I could always be in good spirits like him. I hope Ana (my 3 year old niece) is speaking her mind to our grandmother. Watching her is like viewing a mini version of her mom…who’s going to be in big trouble soon!  It would be awesome toContinue reading “End of Evening Thoughts: August 29”

East Coast Rainfall, Gulf Coast Disaster: August 29

“You must never despair of human nature’. –Mahatma Ghandi   Outside my window, I watch the steady rainfall coating my central NJ neighborhood. All is quiet as I do routine tasks: closing a P.O. Box, paying bills, etc. The TV is off, yet earlier I watched News 12 and the Weather Channel, viewing the tragicContinue reading “East Coast Rainfall, Gulf Coast Disaster: August 29”