Month: January 2018

January 31, 2018: Favorable Choices

I didn’t care to watch the State of the Union address last night. I usually make the effort, watch part of it every year, but this time around I wanted no part of it. There’s no point to watch someone repeat the same restrictive policies and false promises that we’ve heard him say all year in office. His social media use gets more media attention anyway. It’s so odd that a person in government uses social media so much!

So I watched wrestling last night. Much more entertaining! Really loved the mixed match challenge match online also, especially the end. Would love to see how far Alexa and Braun go.

We’ll see how today will go…my classroom book order came in, so I’m excited about that. I can add more books to my Literacy wall at work. Just a trip to the library and I’ll be all done with that part.

January 30, 2018: Ordinary Morning

I slept much better last night, and I’m so relieved about that. Since I’m going to be at work until 7:30 tonight, I need all the energy today. A new day to set up curriculum for next month, and managing toddlers. Keeps me busy. 😊

Still waiting to hear back from a close friend from New York. We’ve had our conflicts in the past, but I would go to her for any difficulties happening in my life. She usually travels to Florida during the winter, but she mentioned that she may be staying in NY this time around.

Life goes on, no matter what.

January 29, 2018: Unexpected Lows

This morning began a bit strange, since I got very little sleep the night before. It wasn’t until I was still lying awake at 2am that I checked my blood sugar level, and discovered a low. I tried to bring my levels back up, but they remained low well into the early morning hours.

I live with Type 1 diabetes, and I’m accustomed to adjusting medicine and following a certain diet. Handing wild lows are part of my life, but they remain difficult to deal with. I’m just thankful that my low glucose wasn’t as severe as it was a few months ago. That incident was truly scary.

This morning I got my glucose level back on track, then went on with my work routine. Sometimes the effects of a bad low tends to linger throughout, but thankfully thay didn’t happen. I’m so thankful that I have friends and family in my life who I can lean on in case things become very difficult.

January 28, 2018: Reflection

Today I spent some time seeking peace within, since stress has begun sneaking into my life once more. As much as I try to keep calm, every now and then worries and doubt try to slip in.

During mass this afternoon, I reached out to seek inner peace, to quiet down the waves of doubt and disappointment that at times effect me. Having that moment of reflection guided me toward a peaceful state. I still have my stresses, and tomorrow will bring new challenges. I did my best to prepare what I needed for my classroom, so that I won’t need to do too much the first half of the week, hopefully!

January 27, 2018: Connections

This afternoon I took some much needed time for myself. I took care of my hair, making the trip to maintain the color. I reconnected with the hair stylist I previously visited a couple years back, and I’m so relieved that I did so. It’s refreshing to see someone who truly pays attention to your requests!

Making the trip to the salon brought back memories: visiting friends near the area, and passing by spots favorable to hang out (and not so favorable locations!). I still speak to one of these close friends on a regular basis. She moved to Puerto Rico a few years ago, but we maintain contact on a weekly basis. Thankfully her power was restored back in mid November, and she and her son are in good spirits. She wants to visit NJ in the coming year, and we’re hopeful that could take place soon.

As life moves on, close friends are hard to come by, so it’s important to cherish the true connections you have in day-to-day life. They are so valuable.

January 26, 2018: A Break in the Routine

It’s relieving to reach the end of the work week. I had a relaxing dinner and drinks with my fiance. He was sick for most of the week, and today was the first time he could get out and explore without feeling under the weather. I was happy to spend that time with him.

It was a crazy day, and the thing is, I still need to take care of tasks for work this weekend. But this is the normal routine for me. When you have limited time to complete tasks at work (unless you do them while supervising the kids), taking your work home is daily life. Sometimes I don’t mind, since it allows me to get creative with curriculum ideas. I would love to have more time for leisurely activities though. I can only hope to make more time for myself in the immediate future.

January 25, 2018: Special Day

Today is my cousin’s 25th birthday. It seems like she’s having an amazing day, and I’m glad about that. I’m very hopeful that I’ll be able to see her soon, since my cousin is tough to pin down for very long. She’s a strong minded, free-spirited person, an amazing quality to have in life. I see some of that independance shine through in her daughter. Since she’s three years old, my cousin will have quite a task on het hands as she gets older!

For now, I hope that my cousin is following the path she wants in life. She’s taken many roads in her life journey thus far, so I hope that the current path she’s taking doesn’t reach a huge road block. Whatever happens, I care for her very much.