January 14, 2018: Making Memories

Back from my trip to central Pennsylvania. If I wasn’t working tomorrow, I would most likely be home later, but that’s the way it goes in the corporate working world. 

My time in Harrisburg was memorable, and I hope my friend had a fun birthday also. We had dinner and drinks at a brewery in Middletown, PA. My friend and her boyfriend told us great things about this place, so it was great to finally check it out firsthand. 

Earlier in the afternoon we spent time shopping at the local mall, then I taught her how to make Coquito back at her apartment. Coquito is a rich coconut drink mixed with rum. It’s very popular among us Puerto Ricans during the holiday season, but her birthday is still close to the holidays…and Coquito is pretty enjoyable to share with friends! 

It was a weekend with limited funds for me, yet I was glad to share time with my fiance, and our good PA friends. We managed to make the most of our time, and our friend enjoyed her celebration.

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