January 21, 2018: Reaching Out

This was a weekend of reaching out, taking steps to regain a sense of community for myself. I connected with my dear friends in my poetry therapy network, and my close friend from Puerto Rico. My conversations with these special people were not as long as I hoped, yet the urgency to maintain contact with them remains strong. I’m so tired of insecurities cloud the true nature of what’s really important, to keep a strong bond with those I feel truly connected with.

Today I also became part of a local interest group in my community. I moved to the central NJ area about a year ago, and I still feel fairly new to my surroundings. The person I spoke to today was very warm, and told me of opportunities to connect with other people within the local community. I confided in her that I’m a reserved person at heart, and she was very open to working with me in connecting with others within the group. I shared this with my fiancé and he was equally excited for me about future opportunities to connect with others.

Tomorrow begins another work week, and I’m in the process of gathering materials needed for classroom lessons. I have Monday planned out for my Twos (getting somewhere!), and the rest of the week will fall into place. The time is approaching to set up for next month’s theme in my classroom, so that will be a new assignment for me to take on. Here’s to not feeling overwhelmed, and to reach out to others when I need time to think.

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