Month: February 2018

February 28, 2018: Peace Within Chaos

Life has a way of telling you that it’s time to explore something new. My life experiences up until this point has shown me that I’m capable of producing valuable work, and I should not settle for a situation anything less. My current situation has clearly shown me this. I try to tell myself that the countless hours of dedication to a work environment that’s less than ideal will pay off in the end. I can also say that I’m not feeling patient enough to see change take place. I’m just thankful that I have a great support system in Andy. He’s very understanding during the many days of me prepping and planning work until the late hours.  I can only hope that today will bring some peace within the craziness.

February 27, 2018: Certainty

In a few days both mine and Andy’s families will gather together for lunch, but the weather is giving an unpredictable forecast already. The threat of a huge storm is being predicted for the day before, with the threat of pouring rain and snow. I really hope that whatever is heading this way fades quickly, since I don’t know when we can set up a day to gather everyone again. March and April are so hectic for our families.

I’m relieved that the books for my Cozy Corner are coming in. The Scholastic shipment was sent out yesterday, so it should come to me by the end of the week. I just need to have this area set up and functional, since my room truly needs this kind of area. I just need to finish up my pillows to add a ‘home’ feeling to the area.

February 26, 2018: Elsewhere

It’s a brand new week, and for some people, it’s a return to some semblance of routine. For the children in Parkland, Florida, it’s resuming the act of returning to school after the horror of a school shooting taking place. The act of returning to routine is overshadowed by the loss of life. Friends and teachers will be honored by many, while there will be others who will continue the debate on what the ‘right’ thing to do will be in the gun control debate. Some students in Parkland expressed their deep concern on returning to school, that they will not come back until they have complete reassurance that they are returning to a safe environment in their school. My only hope is that an issue as important as safety in schools will never be forgotten as time passes. Many people tend to turn their attention elsewhere as days go by, and other issues come to the forefront. Safety in schools must always be present.

February 25, 2018: Curriculum and Action

It’s been a busy Sunday, as I was gathering materials for the new curriculum theme. The topic is all about animals, so I finished up lesson plans and did last minute additions. I also picked up tools for my Cozy Corner. Although I’m still waiting to add some books, I feel relieved that I nearly have the area in place.

Now it’s spending time watching Walking Dead & Elimination Chanber. Both shows are entertaining for different reasons: Walking Dead for its intense action, and WWE for its drama/action. Another late night, but it will be worth it.

February 24, 2018: Brunch and a New Device

This morning Andy and I met up with good friends in Caldwell at the Cloverleaf Tavern. Meeting up with them was relaxing, and we had a fulfilling brunch that consisted of doughnuts and White Stout beer. We always heard great things about Cloverleaf Tavern, so it was wonderful to finally check it out.

When we got back to Hunterdon County, I picked up the new Freestyle Sensor my doctor prescribed for me on Wednesday. It’s a glucometer attached to your arm, and instead of daily finger pricking to register sugar level, it reads by scaninng your sensor. Because it’s covered by my insurance, I decided to try it out. So far there’s the lingering sensation of a disc attached to my arm, but I’ve been told that I would get used to it.

February 23, 2018: Outbreak

It was only a matter of time before the flu epidemic reached my center. What began as one child staying home due to a fever changed into some children staying home due to the flu virus. We’re all amazed that the flu kept away for this long…but now that it’s here, we’ll all sanitizing materials like crazy. Also, upping the vitamin intake. Since I cannot afford to miss a workday.

February 22, 2018: Cycle of Violence and Indifference

I watched the CNN town hall special centered on the Parkland school shooting last night. It was truly heartbreaking to hear students’ questions, especially those who lost friends right before their eyes. It was equally tragic to hear the words of the politicians who visited the meeting, as they were pledging to create laws on gun control in the weeks ahead. It’s another sign of the cycle of violence and indifference taking place once again. The assault rifle ban should have been renewed years ago. It may have prevented the deaths of innocent children and teachers who protected their lives.

Another topic that’s emerged is our President considering allowing teachers to carry a weapon as they’re working. As a teacher, I never thought that the idea of carrying a concealed weapon would be added to the responsibilities I take on with my students. I dedicated my life to teach children to support one another, and expand on their knowledge. Carrying a weapon while teaching will not solve the assault rifle ban dilemma. Children will fall under the constant threat of dangerous people carrying assault weapons, coupled with the constant threat of gunfire should an anxious educator fires their weapon improperly. Given that the spokeswoman of the NRA has children of her own, I can only hope that she would realize the tragedy of the gun control debate soon enough.