February 10, 2018: Hurricane Maria’s Lasting Impact

Last night I received a call from my best friend from Puerto Rico. We only spoke for a few minutes, but she shared with me another heartbreaking piece of information, due to Hurricane Maria’s impact on the island. A local cemetery was heavily damaged, with graves flipped open and dislocated. The area may need to be closed permanently. My friend needs to wait until Monday to see if her mother’s grave site is one of the hundreds that is damaged.

Understandably, she is devastated. I listen to this news with heavy sadness …sad for her, since it appears that she may never get visit her mother’s resting place again. Sadness for my family still living in Puerto Rico, and praying for their safety. Sadness at the thought of my relatives in the island who have passed, and praying that their resting places escaped with minimal damage. And I also feel frustration at the incredibly slow response from government officials, how millions are still living in hardship.

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