February 26, 2018: Elsewhere

It’s a brand new week, and for some people, it’s a return to some semblance of routine. For the children in Parkland, Florida, it’s resuming the act of returning to school after the horror of a school shooting taking place. The act of returning to routine is overshadowed by the loss of life. Friends and teachers will be honored by many, while there will be others who will continue the debate on what the ‘right’ thing to do will be in the gun control debate. Some students in Parkland expressed their deep concern on returning to school, that they will not come back until they have complete reassurance that they are returning to a safe environment in their school. My only hope is that an issue as important as safety in schools will never be forgotten as time passes. Many people tend to turn their attention elsewhere as days go by, and other issues come to the forefront. Safety in schools must always be present.

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