February 8, 2018: Staying Focused, and Olympics

People can hold grudges against one another pretty easily. It’s tough for me to figure out. I see it happening in both my personal and work life. Since we are all adults, we should be able to talk about our grievances, find some kind of common ground. For now, I just stay focused on myContinue reading “February 8, 2018: Staying Focused, and Olympics”

February 7, 2018: Looking Back

I’m feeling more rejuvenated this morning. Usually it’s the opposite, and I wake up feeling like I didn’t get to sleep at all, but thankfully I don’t feel that way today. So far lol! I finally looked through my birthday photos last night. I’m really happy with how they came out! My only regret isContinue reading “February 7, 2018: Looking Back”

February 6, 2018: Daily Goals

I’m happy with what I accomplished last night. I managed to find what I need to finish two of my work displays, plus gather what I needed for my window display. Of course, it was close to 11:30 when I finally stopped, but it’s done. I still have a lot to go, for my roomContinue reading “February 6, 2018: Daily Goals”

February 5, 2018: Communicating

Waking up at the beginning of the work week is always hard. I long to stay in bed for a few more hours, but it’s just impossible. Just need to wait until the weekend once again. Time to handle workplace dramas once again, and the small details that accompanies them. I went to bed aContinue reading “February 5, 2018: Communicating”

February 4, 2018: Memories and Blessings

It’s a rainy afternoon in Hunterdon County, but I’m still enjoying my birthday weekend. Last night was a memorable gathering, since I celebrated my 40th birthday with my fiancĂ© and some dear friends. We realized amusingly that the night was like a small Seton Hall reunion, since we all graduated from there, and most ofContinue reading “February 4, 2018: Memories and Blessings”

February 3, 2018: Special Day

My birthday is here! I woke up not feeling any different, yet today is a special milestone. 40 is an age my friends and I always dreaded reaching…everything seemed to freeze once that number is hit. I’m in a feeling of mild disbelief, yet grateful of everything I been through in my life thus far.Continue reading “February 3, 2018: Special Day”

February 2, 2018: Dreams

Yesterday one of my good friends in the poetry therapy community posted ‘Harlem’ by Langston Hughes, in honor of his birthday. It’s one of my favorite poems, since its imagery inspired me to express myself poetically. ‘Harlem’ speaks of a community that’s vibrant, yet having their dreams deferred by constant struggles. I read ‘Harlem’ withContinue reading “February 2, 2018: Dreams”

February 1, 2018: Reflections

I can’t believe that January is now gone, it went by so quickly! I’m pleased about some things that took place last month: I’m excited about having my writing streak alive again. It’s been forever since I wrote regularly, in any medium. I pray that I can maintain this flow. I’m happy about my growingContinue reading “February 1, 2018: Reflections”