March 31, 2018: Returning

Today is a quiet afternoon in Paterson. I first went to visit my mother’s gravesite in Clifton. I’m glad that I got to spend more time to visit her, especially since my time was so limited last weekend. It was so nice to see the lilacs I picked up for her blooming. Andy and IContinue reading “March 31, 2018: Returning”

March 30, 2018: End of Week Thoughts

A few thoughts as I’m getting ready for work: I really like Blueberry flavored coffee! Andy and I visited 7-11 yesterday morning before I went to work to have some. He’s has Blueberry coffee in the past and really enjoyed it. I still love going to Wawa for coffee, but the Blueberry coffee 7-11 hasContinue reading “March 30, 2018: End of Week Thoughts”

March 29, 2018: Preparing for Easter

In a couple days I’m visiting my family in Paterson. It will be wonderful to see them again. Usually Easter weekend is a little complicated with regards to length of time in seeing family. I spend a good amount of time with my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet Easter is the only time IContinue reading “March 29, 2018: Preparing for Easter”

March 28, 2018: Reading Goals

Sleep really helps after stressful days. I’m especially thankful that last night I found time to read my Book of the Month selection, ‘Not That I Could Tell’. I’m about halfway through, and I like the tension that’s gradually building with some of the characters. I hope to finish the story within the week. HopefullyContinue reading “March 28, 2018: Reading Goals”

March 27, 2018: Children Making a Difference

I am so amazed by the movement the current young generation has inspired in our country. The Parkland school shooting has displayed a phenomenal action of young adults taking a stand against the poison that needs to be removed from our country, and that’s the misuse of firearms. Yes, we have the right to bearContinue reading “March 27, 2018: Children Making a Difference”

March 26, 2018: Wildwood and Cape May

Yesterday was such a fun day trip to Wildwood. It was supposed to take place on Saturday, but the birthday gathering for Andy’s niece took place on that day, so we saved it for Sunday. We spent the afternoon down in Wildwood and Cape May. The pizzeria that Andy loves to frequent (Macks) opened forContinue reading “March 26, 2018: Wildwood and Cape May”

March 25, 2018: Lifelines

Today I’m heading down to Wildwood with Andy for the afternoon. Mack’s Pizza opens for the season this weekend, and Andy loves making it down there for the opening every year. Since Wildwood holds special meaning for me since we began our relationship, I enjoy every moment with him during our South Jersey trips. InContinue reading “March 25, 2018: Lifelines”

March 24, 2018: Family Time

Today was a day spent with family. Andy and I went to a birthday lunch for his niece this afternoon. She turned 4 years old this week, and already she can’t wait to turn five! Since she begins school next year, it will truly be a milestone event for her and her parents! After theContinue reading “March 24, 2018: Family Time”

March 23, 2018: Friends and Family

Some things I’m thinking about as I’m getting ready today: I may not be able to go to Montclair this evening. I was hoping to attend the talent show hosted by the school I used to work for while living in Essex County, but the timing between getting out of work + commuting from HunterdonContinue reading “March 23, 2018: Friends and Family”

March 22, 2018: Nine Years Later

It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years since my mother passed away. I went through the motions of today: going to work, tending to my left wrist while managing toddlers, doing what I needed to do for the classroom. Sometimes it’s better to just keep my mind occupied, to think about my mom untilContinue reading “March 22, 2018: Nine Years Later”