March 5, 2018: Monday Morning Thoughts

It’s the calm before a busy work week, and I take in as much peace as possible. I also take stock of the positive moments that took place for me over the weekend:

  • Early dismissal on Friday! Thanks to the storm, I didn’t need to stay until 6pm for once!
  • Both families meeting each other on Saturday. I only had my aunt attend the lunch gathering, but it seemed like she enjoyed herself. And we’re having another in a couple months.
  • Peaceful drive with the fiancé. After running errands, it was truly needed.
  • Speaking to my grandparents on Saturday evening. Aside from Andy, they are my life.
  • Going to bed before midnight on Sunday. It’s usually extremely hard after weekends!


Now it’s off to get ready for the day, fueling myself with caffeine before heading to work. Coffee is always needed. 🙂

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