March 6, 2018: Eventful

Yesterday was quite eventful, since it began with situations at work that shouldn’t have taken place. I brought in some items that I planned on using this week as part of my theme, and one of those items disappeared within an hour. I’ve had this happen to me in the past, and I usually let it go, since there are more important things to worry about than drama. During this instance, I really didn’t appreciate it, and I let people know about it. The person came back to apologize profusely, and said that she thought the space where she found it was a general area to keep different items. Since the actual room spoken about is actually kept on the opposite end of the building, I’m not sure what she meant. I do appreciate her coming to me and apologizing though. That’s more than what others have done when things have disappeared in my classroom.

By the end of the day, I was given the honor of Teacher of the Month! It was completely unexpected, and I really appreciated management recognizing all that I was doing in the classroom. I wondered if it took me being vocal about something I was planning in my curriculum for management to decide that. I am happy about being given that honor this month. The only way to continue now is keep going and continue making my room interactive for my children. My books for my Cozy Corner finally came in yesterday, so I can’t wait to get that going. The students will be thrilled about this new addition.

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