March 7, 2018: Using the Freestyle Libre

I officially ended the first 10 day duration of the Freestyle Libre glucose reader. I discovered that I still need to check my blood sugar before meal times; while the Libre automatically records my levels every 10 minutes, there might still be a difference in the reading right before I eat. I’ve noticed that when I check my sugar using both the Libre and doing my finger-stick test at the same time, there’s always a 10-20 unit difference between the two devices.

I do enjoy that I no longer need to worry about checking my sugars in between meals. In the past I needed to check my sugar 6 times on some days, since I had feelings of low sugar episodes. I usually couldn’t check my sugars in between meals at all, during busy work days in the classroom, since I couldn’t request time away from the classroom until my break came around. I usually just took glucose tablets to be on the safe side, and hope that didn’t cause it to run high. Now with the Libre, I can scan the sensor quickly whenever I feel like I needed to, and I can immediately take care of low sugars (if there was an episode).

My readings are also saved in detail during the 10 day duration. It’s nice to view my digital record of the Freestyle Libre on my laptop. It shows all patterns revealed during the 10 day period, as well as each time it records my blood glucose.

So today I begin the next 10 day duration. I need to wait 12 hours for the sensor to calibrate before I can begin using it regularly, so I need to check it the regular, finger-stick method until then. Although I still use the finger-stick method, I am thankful that there’s a device that limits the guesswork of low/high sugar episodes. Having your blood glucose record available to view digitally is also pretty useful.

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