March 10, 2018: Pre-Cana Weekend

Today Andy and I attended the first half of our Pre-Cana conference in Newark. In order to get married in the Catholic church, you must take the Pre-Cana course. This session is done in full-day workshops on Saturday and Sunday. They seem like it would be extremely tedious, but today was an informative session. The speakers touch on everything a married couple would handle in daily married life, such as budgeting finances and raising children. We also learned what a Ukrainian Catholic wedding ceremony would be like.

I was invited into the Pre-Cana conference even though I was not raised in the Ukrainian Catholic faith (I am a practicing Roman Catholic). The couple facilitating the Pre-Cana informed me that I needed to be registered into a Catholic church in order to attend, and I am. I found all of today’s sessions very informative, and I look forward to see what tomorrow will bring.

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