March 11, 2018: Sunday Meditations

Today wrapped up the Pre-Cana weekend conference for me and Andy. We were both very pleased with the presentations, and relieved that the conference ended in the early afternoon hours. Now that we completed the Pre-Cana, it’s time to begin thinking about our wedding…and I have so much to figure out! I’m always told that the first thing to take care of is the reception venue, but I need to figure out where to hold the ceremony. The only thing I’m sure of right now is that I would like to have it at a church, and I would love my immediate family to be there.

After Andy and I arrived back home, we took a short walk around the neighborhood. Since the Daylight Savings change took place last night, we had extra time outside before sunset. IT felt exhilarating to take our walk after 6pm! Although the trees still haven’t bloomed, it was amazing to watch nature still coated with a blanket of snow, with deer wandering the neighborhood. I very much look forward to taking late afternoon walks in the weeks ahead.

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