March 13, 2018: Long Week

As I get ready for a very long Tuesday, I try to be mindful of what I’ve accomplished so work life doesn’t get too stressful. At least more stressful than it already is, especially with a problematic left wrist:

  • I completed all my room displays for the month. I most likely need to switch out one of them, just to keep things consistent.
  • I printed out everything for my portion of the naeyc portfolio. All I need to do is place the pages into the book.
  • I have a routine in place for the ‘late group’ I have at the end of the day. Working until 6pm is a very long day.

I will be very, very relieved when the week is over!

Published by Woven From Words

Latinx Book Blogger & Reviewer from Central NJ. Always with a book in my hand & a story in my heart!

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