March 15, 2018: The Decline of Imaginative Play

It’s really sad that Toys R Us is closing all its stores here in the US, because the word out there is ‘children no longer play with toys’. I can’t believe how far children have come from not playing with toys on a regular basis. When I was younger, we always went outside with different toys, and we played with different dolls and toys at home. Now, thanks to our ‘digital world’, children seem to have an aversion to going outside, preferring to look at a phone or tablet screen. It’s really disheartening to see, since there’s a whole world of adventure to experience playing with dolls. The storytelling through the eyes of a child is valuable when they’re playing with dolls and stuffed animals. I see this each day with my toddlers when they’re interacting with dolls and stuffed animals in the Dramatic Play area. The scenarios they create are unique, and not something you would see when looking at a computer screen. As much as our phones and tablets are useful, we are becoming very dependent on them, and now passing this dependency on to younger generations.

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