March 20, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

Went to the orthopedist yesterday. I received a cortisone injection for the pain, yet the doctor informed me that it the discomfort retuns, I should consider surgery to remedy the problem. Surgery is the last thing on my mind right now, but yesterday’s visit was the second time I received the shot. The surgery sounds like the practical option. I’m just too shocked to consider it.

When I came home I thought of the events that led up to me having this issue with my wrist. Most particularly, working in a position that’s taxing on the body, with little compensation. Nothing would make me happier than to find another location where I would be happier. A place where my training would be truly valued, and where my wrist wouldn’t be in constant risk.

Unfortunately, it can’t happen at the moment, and I’m left thinking about solutions to keeping my hand and wrist safe in a taxing environment.

All of these thoughts as Spring begins today. Little signs of the season emerges, which normally make me feel excited.

In two days another anniversary approaches, much darker. I want to speak to her, share my challenges from the past few months, but sadly, I cannot.

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