March 26, 2018: Wildwood and Cape May

Yesterday was such a fun day trip to Wildwood. It was supposed to take place on Saturday, but the birthday gathering for Andy’s niece took place on that day, so we saved it for Sunday. We spent the afternoon down in Wildwood and Cape May. The pizzeria that Andy loves to frequent (Macks) opened for the season this past weekend, so it’s like a tradition for him to go around then. Since we began our relationship, I began heading down to Wildwood with him around this time. I always enjoy my time with Andy whenever we go, and yesterday was another fun excursion.

After we had lunch at Macks, we walked around on the Wildwood boardwalk. It was so exciting to view the rides we would go on in a couple months’ time, and the shops that we will check out when they open. We took some pictures of the rides and the ocean, then we drove down to Cape May. Once we were there, we made a stop to Sunset Beach. This was the place where Andy proposed to me, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. Sadly the time passed too quickly, and we needed to head back to Hunterdon County after a few hours. I was so happy that we got to spend time in South Jersey yesterday, and I can’t for us to visit again in the summer.

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