March 29, 2018: Preparing for Easter

In a couple days I’m visiting my family in Paterson. It will be wonderful to see them again. Usually Easter weekend is a little complicated with regards to length of time in seeing family. I spend a good amount of time with my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, yet Easter is the only time I haven’t visited as much. My grandparents never seemed to mind, yet it’s changed in recent years. So I make it a point to visit on Holy Saturday, since Andy’s family always hold traditions on Easter Sunday which they need his assistance in carrying out.

Tomorrow is going to be very active in Andy’s house, since his niece and nephew will be over to paint Easter eggs with his sister. I still have work, so I’ll be around the flurry of activity by the time I get home. Easter with his family is very active, but it’s nice to have a close gathering such as this one during major holidays. It’s great to see family come together and share for a short time.

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