Month: March 2018

March 2, 2018: Time for Myself

Yesterday I actually had time to change most of my classroom displays before my shift ended. It usually takes forever switching things out, especially managing five toddlers as I’m working on my room. I had the room all to myself when my shift ended also, instead of craziness with little ones staying in my room. I was so relieved that I was done early that I left the job at 5:45. Since I didn’t need to worry about children making a mess when I’m not there, I left. It was beginning to rain anyway, and all this talk about a nor’easter approaching had me act on the safe side.

When I came home I learned it was World Book Day. I got so excited, since I adore reading. My mother taught me to read at a very young age, so I always held reading close to my heart. I can’t wait to actually have time to pick up a book for leisure again. Work and planning has sadly placed reading for fun on the back burner. Which makes fulfilling a reading challenge go to the wayside also. I’ll be happy if I can read five books for fun this year, at the rate I’m going.

March 1, 2018: Family Connections

In a couple days, Andy and I will have our lunch gathering in Northern NJ with my family, yet it seems like only one member in my immediate family will be there. Although I’m sad that my grandparents won’t be able to attend, I completely understand. My grandfather can no longer venture outdoors like he used to, and he shouldn’t force himself to. My grandmother wants to stay by his side, which is also understandable.

I’m still very hopeful for my family to make it. Aside from a major storm to happen, it’s still taking place on Saturday. Since Andy and I have been together for 5 years, and are now engaged, it’s time for both families to get together.