April 8, 2018: Weekend Thoughts

Some thoughts before I ready myself for the week:

  • Andy and I spent some time with good friends last night: We had dinner with a good friend in Jersey City, as part of her birthday weekend. Due to our conflicting schedules, we rarely spend time together these days, so it was fun to spend a couple hours with her. Things are beginning to look up for her: she found a good, stable job with benefits, and she gets to travel around to different locations once her training is complete. I’m very proud of her.
  • We also spent time with another good friend from college. We caught up on what’s been happening with our lives, and laughing at the music being played in the area. Most of the time they have great music, yet the selection varies one weekend a month. It was enjoyable hanging out with our friend nonetheless.
  • During my down time this weekend, I’m doing my best to rest my left wrist. I’ve been icing my wrist/hand every chance I get. My new orthopedic appointment is on Wednesday, and I’m hopeful that this new doctor listens to my concerns, while covering with me every option possible to keep my wrists healthy.

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