April 11, 2018: New Appointment

I had the appointment with my new orthopedist today. This doctor’s location is a few minutes from me. Unlike the other office in Somerset County, which took a while to venture to. My visit went well: after x-rays, and informing the doctor of my situation, I received a referral for OT. I explained that surgery was the last thing I wanted to pursue, and he agreed with me. It was welcoming to hear, considering that the previous doctor wanted to take on surgery right away.

Would I need surgery in the future? Possibly. I’ve had this issue with my wrist for almost a year, and I’ve never experienced this problem before. But I need to try every option available before surgery is absolutely necessary. I’m thankful that this new doctor seems to be attentive to my concerns, right away. I just hope I can finally alleviate the pain.


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