April 15, 2018: Low Glucose Episode

Today has been a day with hectic blood sugar lows. The morning was fine, no extreme changes in my levels. However, around noon time, the low glucose levels began, and I could not seem to bring them back to normal. I thought I gave myself the right amount of insulin at lunchtime, and had the right amount of carbs to accompany the dose. About an hour later though, while running errands, I found myself standing in the middle of an s in Wal Mart feeling absolutely exhausted. Andy came to check in on me and handed me a bottle of orange flavored glucose drink from the pharmacy section (don’t worry, we paid for it afterwards!) and we sat at one of the benches for 10 minutes until I felt myself again.

Thank goodness Andy was there with me, and he knew what to do at that moment. Some days I have a good handle of how my blood glucose will be during the day, but every now and then a low will come up and surprise me. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a low take place. Hopefully it won’t happen again in the near future.

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  1. poetnessa says:

    I’m grateful that Andy is in your life, for many reasons!

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