April 18, 2018: Concern for a Friend

I hope to hear from my close friend from Puerto Rico very soon. The last time I spoke to her was on Saturday, and she was struggling with a family hardship. In the past I could address any concerns she was enduring quickly. Since we now have a long distance friendship, it’s tough to decipher if it’s truly an issue or if her concern is just an outlet for her constant anxieties. She’s always dealt with anxiety throughout her life, yet that usually hasn’t stopped her from living her life. However, things have changed a bit in her family circle over the years, and some days we discuss about her difficulty, then we don’t speak for about 2 weeks. My attempts to call her is met with an automated message of a disconnected phone. So now I normally wait for her to call back. No matter the distance, I’m always here for her.

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