April 19, 2018: Spring, but Not Quite

I wake up to another day of unseasonably cold weather. When Spring arrived last month, I was excited, since I looked forward to taking my neighborhood walks after work. The sunlight was staying out later, and it would finally be warmer to move around.

Nature has other plans though, and we’re still dealing with cold temps and rain. Since it’s April, the rain is normal for this time of year, but that’s about it. I very much look forward to venturing outside after work again. I did take a walk yesterday…it was actually felt decent, and it was wonderful hearing the birds sing as the sunset was approaching.

Hopefully today won’t be a cold mess. I would love to take a walk before settling in at  home for the evening, washing my hair. Catching up on my Kindle reading. Just regular ‘almost-end-of-week’ activities.

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