April 25, 2018: Friendship Through Life’s Struggles

It’s difficult rising for work in the morning. Dawn breaks, and birds sing their song, and I adore this natural noise. I usually relax and revel in the peace before readying myself for the craziness of work. It’s going to be rainy today, an indoor day with six toddlers, so I need all the relaxation I can get.

I’m hoping that my close friend and poetry therapy colleague is doing well. She’s going through cancer treatments, and some days have her feeling weak. She is the strongest, most resilient person I know, but this has turned out to be quite a battle. My friend warned me that this may effect her frequency to maintain contact, so I’m aware that she’s been keeping her strength to recuperate.

During out poetry therapy training days, she shared valuable information with me on ways to become prosperous in the work. After we attained our certificates, we remained very good friends. I remember all of the good times we shared in New York, and I’m hopeful that we can share another moment among these difficult times in the near future.


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