April 27, 2018: Friday Thoughts

Some thoughts as I get ready for the day:

  • I really hope it doesn’t rain today. I want to enjoy being outside at work as much as I can. or else I’ll have some restless toddlers!
  • I hope I can answer the emails I’m receiving from my poetry therapy group this weekend. One of the group members send her responses through a group email, since her messages on Yahoo Groups weren’t being received. Every time a response from the group pops up on my inbox, I feel a little down. Mainly because I’m unable to answer due to work tasks and pure exhaustion.
  • I’m looking forward to being a part of Michael’s 2nd birthday on Sunday! It’s to be held at the same restaurant as his 1st birthday gathering. A celebration with Andy’s family always brings action, especially with two children under 5 years old!

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