April 19, 2018: Spring, but Not Quite

I wake up to another day of unseasonably cold weather. When Spring arrived last month, I was excited, since I looked forward to taking my neighborhood walks after work. The sunlight was staying out later, and it would finally be warmer to move around. Nature has other plans though, and we’re still dealing with coldContinue reading “April 19, 2018: Spring, but Not Quite”

April 18, 2018: Concern for a Friend

I hope to hear from my close friend from Puerto Rico very soon. The last time I spoke to her was on Saturday, and she was struggling with a family hardship. In the past I could address any concerns she was enduring quickly. Since we now have a long distance friendship, it’s tough to decipherContinue reading “April 18, 2018: Concern for a Friend”

April 17, 2018: Relationships in Life

As I think about where my life has brought me thus far, I’m very aware how short and valuable life is. Each person we meet adds another thread to our personal story. They add another piece to our unique tale, regardless of whether the experience is good or bad. I’ve had some joyful moments andContinue reading “April 17, 2018: Relationships in Life”

April 16, 2018: What I’m Reading for April

So glad that I’m reading through ‘Girl on the Train’. I haven’t gotten very far, but I already have an idea that the main character has some vices that really come back to haunt her. That, and just because you pass someone on the street day in and day out, doesn’t mean you truly knowContinue reading “April 16, 2018: What I’m Reading for April”

April 15, 2018: Low Glucose Episode

Today has been a day with hectic blood sugar lows. The morning was fine, no extreme changes in my levels. However, around noon time, the low glucose levels began, and I could not seem to bring them back to normal. I thought I gave myself the right amount of insulin at lunchtime, and had theContinue reading “April 15, 2018: Low Glucose Episode”

April 14, 2018: Birdsong

Such a beautiful day today. I literally woke up to the birds singing outside. It’s wonderful to appreciate a day like this during the weekend. I wish I still lived in New York, so I could ride the downtown 1 train to Central Park. The trees would be in its blossoming stages, and a steadyContinue reading “April 14, 2018: Birdsong”

April 13, 2018: Connecting with Family

The weekend is finally here, and I hope to get as much rest as possible. My hands have truly been overworked, so the limited activity will be a great help. Today is my grandfather’s birthday! He’s 89 years old today. I called him earlier to send my birthday wishes. He’s had better days, but heContinue reading “April 13, 2018: Connecting with Family”

April 12, 2018: Upcoming Weekend

I’m very much looking forward to the weekend, since this week has been hectic on many levels. The positive moment of the week was my orthopedist appointment yesterday, and the outcome. On Saturday I’ll be seeing Front 242 and Covenant in Philadelphia with Andy. They are two industrial music groups who’ve been around for aContinue reading “April 12, 2018: Upcoming Weekend”

April 11, 2018: New Appointment

I had the appointment with my new orthopedist today. This doctor’s location is a few minutes from me. Unlike the other office in Somerset County, which took a while to venture to. My visit went well: after x-rays, and informing the doctor of my situation, I received a referral for OT. I explained that surgeryContinue reading “April 11, 2018: New Appointment”