Month: April 2018

April 22, 2018: Birthday Celebrations Continue

Waking up today to a beautiful Spring morning. Right now I’m relaxing by the window, enjoying the birds and peace before starting my day. Andy’s birthday was very memorable, and I’m glad that we met up with friends at his birthday celebration last night. We don’t see them very often, so every time we gather it’s truly special.

Although it’s still his birthday weekend, this afternoon we’re going to celebrate his sister’s 50th birthday. Her very special day was back in February, yet the timing of rough weather every weekend and other unexpected circumstances led us to celebrate this weekend. I’m glad that she’s finally going to have her celebration. Beginning a new decade in life is a very memorable moment, and her road to 50 was lined by many difficult events in her life, that she has triumphantly overcame.

It will get a bit hectic later in the day (as family gatherings often are), but I will enjoy the moment. Events like these go by very quickly, but there will certainly be many lovely memories made.


April 21, 2018: Andy’s Birthday

Today is Andy’s birthday, and we’re getting ready to celebrate a fun couple days with friends and family. In about an hour we’re heading to a birthday lunch with his family. It’s at Sol, a popular, family friendly Mexican restaurant in the area. Then later in the evening we’re meeting with good friends from college at an Asian restaurant. It’s also at a local place, but we’re driving out to Easton PA to pick up a close friend of mine to take part in the festivities. She wants to join and take part in celebrating, but didn’t have a way of getting there. We’re looking forward in sharing Andy’s birthday with loved ones, and it’s actually a very nice, seasonable afternoon. Here’s hoping for good fortune and little conflict.

April 20, 2018: Weekend and Freestyle Libre

Friday morning, and already I’m looking forward to 6pm. After work me and Andy are heading out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. It’s tomorrow, but birthdays falling on the weekend are really good, since you have plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Tomorrow we’re going to meet some good friends from college for Andy’s birthday dinner. I just need to contact someone to make sure she has a way of coming to Readington, since we would need to come get her if she doesn’t. I need to get in touch with her about that, since we haven’t spoken in a couple of days.

I’m beginning the third month of my Freestyle Libre reader. I’ve found that as close to the mark it’s been on my glucose levels, it’s way off line in the last day of the 10 day duration. I’m not sure if it’s just part of the way the sensor works so you can switch it accordingly, but a few hours before the duration ended it was off by over 100 units. I’m truly thankful that I kept my glucose meter test strips!

April 19, 2018: Spring, but Not Quite

I wake up to another day of unseasonably cold weather. When Spring arrived last month, I was excited, since I looked forward to taking my neighborhood walks after work. The sunlight was staying out later, and it would finally be warmer to move around.

Nature has other plans though, and we’re still dealing with cold temps and rain. Since it’s April, the rain is normal for this time of year, but that’s about it. I very much look forward to venturing outside after work again. I did take a walk yesterday…it was actually felt decent, and it was wonderful hearing the birds sing as the sunset was approaching.

Hopefully today won’t be a cold mess. I would love to take a walk before settling in atΒ  home for the evening, washing my hair. Catching up on my Kindle reading. Just regular ‘almost-end-of-week’ activities.

April 18, 2018: Concern for a Friend

I hope to hear from my close friend from Puerto Rico very soon. The last time I spoke to her was on Saturday, and she was struggling with a family hardship. In the past I could address any concerns she was enduring quickly. Since we now have a long distance friendship, it’s tough to decipher if it’s truly an issue or if her concern is just an outlet for her constant anxieties. She’s always dealt with anxiety throughout her life, yet that usually hasn’t stopped her from living her life. However, things have changed a bit in her family circle over the years, and some days we discuss about her difficulty, then we don’t speak for about 2 weeks. My attempts to call her is met with an automated message of a disconnected phone. So now I normally wait for her to call back. No matter the distance, I’m always here for her.

April 17, 2018: Relationships in Life

As I think about where my life has brought me thus far, I’m very aware how short and valuable life is. Each person we meet adds another thread to our personal story. They add another piece to our unique tale, regardless of whether the experience is good or bad.

I’ve had some joyful moments and serious conflicts with friends and family, but each experience has left me with a valuable lesson. Some people are great to keep contact with day to day. Some people you wish you spoke to on a regular basis, yet schedules always have other plans. Other people are best to keep in touch sparingly. Each person leaves a profound effect on life.