April 30, 2018: Every Time

I always have moments where I misplace things. I have things nicely prepared, ready for class the following day, and I unpack my things when I get to work, and the piece that I prepare with great detail is missing. Either I don’t look hard enough in my bag, or I simply forget it. It happens every single time.

It happened again this morning. I misplaced letters I created for my theme board today. They were all prepared, ready to put on my literacy board, except I couldn’t place them on my board, since I forgot them. I look all over both bags (my teacher bag and personal bag) but couldn’t find them. It’s not until later in the evening that I find them…in the bottom drawer in my room. So very annoying when that happens!

It just means that I need to get to work a bit earlier than usual tomorrow to put up the letters. I have a new child starting tomorrow, so I need to make sure things are ready before she (and the rest of my lively group) arrives. It’s currently packed in my bag right now. I made sure of it!

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