May 3, 2018: An Introverted Post

It’s very difficult being an introverted person. A positive to having a quiet personality is that you remove yourself from any type of drama by keeping to yourself. At work I just keep to my room while everyone else gossips and wraps themselves in drama. I want nothing to do with any of that. The negative part is that people believe that your quiet personality means that you’re unapproachable, nasty, that you can’t be spoken to about anything.

I could never figure that out. I speak to my co-workers every morning; I say hello, ask how they’re doing, just a few words before I move on to my room for the day. It’s not in my nature to be talkative and loud, and after 40 years in this life, it never will be. Yet people have an aversion to being quiet. I just need to keep living my life, and stay thankful that I have connections whom I can truly connect with.

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