May 16, 2018: Progress in OT

Just completed my 3rd week in Occupational Therapy for my left hand/wrist. On Monday the OT applied Kinesio Tape around my left wrist, and along the area where the pain exists. Since I began therapy a few weeks ago, there’s been progress, as I can complete certain tasks at work without using my brace, such as serving meals to the children. I still keep my brace on for most of the day at work, especially when I’m picking up the children. I’m considering this a positive sign that I can leave my brace off for certain portions of my work day. The Kinesio Tape is still on my wrist, since my OT said I can remove it on Friday. Unless it begins to fall off.

I really hope my left wrist heals completely, since I really miss crocheting. The last time I crocheted was back in early March. At the time the discomfort in my wrist was returning after fading for a few months. During this period in March, my job had 2 snow days in a row, so I wanted to finish my pillow for my Cozy Corner. I just finished my 1st pillow, and was working on a 2nd one, when I felt soreness in my left wrist. By the end of the day my wrist was in pain. I haven’t picked up a hook since then. I moved my crochet bag to the basement, since I didn’t want to feel sad looking at it all the time, knowing that I needed to steer clear from crocheting for the time being.

The first thing I’ll crochet, when it’s healed? Autumn animals. I know, summer hasn’t arrived yet and I’m thinking of Fall! It’s good to think ahead of seasonal themed projects, though I just hope my left wrist will withstand the activity again. Only time will tell.

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