May 18, 2018: Finally Finished ‘The Girl on the Train’

Due to a sprained ankle, I stayed home from work today. Although I received an Air Cast from the urgent care visit last night, it was still painful to walk, and I knew that I would be moving nonstop with the toddlers all day. So to promote healing, I stayed home.

So I finally finished reading ‘Girl on the Train’. I still had 100 pgs. to get through, and since I needed to rest my foot today, I figured I can finish the book. So I took care of it in over 2 hours. It was quite a good story. The story is told from 3 first-person accounts, and the speaker switches throughout the book. The primary narrator is Rachel Watson, a woman undergoing great tribulations in her life. She’s an alcoholic, struggling to handle the end of her marriage, losing her home, and losing her job. She takes the train daily in order to hide her lack of employment from her housemate. Along with drinking heavily, Rachel is prone to blackouts when drinking excessively, and such a blackout occurs the night a woman from her old neighborhood disappears. The story details Rachel trying to put the pieces together of that night, while discovering the details of the life of people in her old neighborhood she felt she knew.

‘The Girl on the Train’ has a layer of suspense, and this tension built up right up to the moment the truth of what happened to the ‘mysterious woman’. It left me wondering what was going to happen next, and feel for the characters as facts and secrets are told. I’m glad I got to finish reading ‘The Girl on the Train’. It was well worth the wait.

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