May 21, 2018: Friendship Through Time

I enjoy looking at my Timehop app. I enjoy looking back on photos taken years past, due to the memories they bring up. Amusing or bleak, these photos are always memorable.

Earlier today Andy’s Timehop pics from 2 years ago featured up in an unnamed diner. We were at a loss as to where we were visiting at the time, so we searched other location apps on our phones that would give insight. We realized that these photos at the diner were in Ossining. Two years ago today my close friend J. called us to assist her on a big move in New York. This move was the first step in helping her move on with her life professionally and emotionally. Andy and I were only there for a couple hours, but it was an honor to help her move forward with improving her life.

As it happened, life had other plans for my dear friend. J. did relocate, but her living arrangement did not work out as she had hoped. A few months later, she called me to share deeply upsetting news about her health. J. had no choice but to move back to the home in Westchester County in order to take stock of her options.

J. is now facing the battle of her life. She has true resilience, but sadly, time is not on her side. Her final days will be surrounded by medical professionals focused on giving her comfort toward the end of her days. The close friend who supported everyone (myself included) through joys and difficulties now needs her dear friends for support and encouragement.

Timehop can remind us that a lot can happen over the years. Even through difficult circumstances, it features the great lengths of everlasting friendship.


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