Month: May 2018

May 23, 2018: Photos

  • I charged up my camera yesterday. I want to take photos with more settings, and not rely on my camera phone too much.
  • Andy was so wonderful to recover my photo album tonight. I was so sure I had my album here in the room, but I packed it away. Fortunately the box was labeled!
  • I’m anticipating many ideas to flourish with my photo exploration. It will be a wonderful activity to take part in.

May 21, 2018: Friendship Through Time

I enjoy looking at my Timehop app. I enjoy looking back on photos taken years past, due to the memories they bring up. Amusing or bleak, these photos are always memorable.

Earlier today Andy’s Timehop pics from 2 years ago featured up in an unnamed diner. We were at a loss as to where we were visiting at the time, so we searched other location apps on our phones that would give insight. We realized that these photos at the diner were in Ossining. Two years ago today my close friend J. called us to assist her on a big move in New York. This move was the first step in helping her move on with her life professionally and emotionally. Andy and I were only there for a couple hours, but it was an honor to help her move forward with improving her life.

As it happened, life had other plans for my dear friend. J. did relocate, but her living arrangement did not work out as she had hoped. A few months later, she called me to share deeply upsetting news about her health. J. had no choice but to move back to the home in Westchester County in order to take stock of her options.

J. is now facing the battle of her life. She has true resilience, but sadly, time is not on her side. Her final days will be surrounded by medical professionals focused on giving her comfort toward the end of her days. The close friend who supported everyone (myself included) through joys and difficulties now needs her dear friends for support and encouragement.

Timehop can remind us that a lot can happen over the years. Even through difficult circumstances, it features the great lengths of everlasting friendship.


May 20, 2018: Sunday Thoughts

  • I’m currently reading the story ‘Our Kind of Cruelty’, by Araminta Hall. It’s labeled as a psychological thriller. I’m only 30 pages in, but I can already get the impression that the main character has a sinister aura. Quite entertaining.
  • I’m slowly beginning to move around with my left foot. I’ve been heating and icing my foot for the past couple days. The pain has went down, but the true test will come tomorrow, when I’m on my feet at work all day.
  • These past few days taught me to slow down, to focus on the things that are truly important. Yes, making a living is important, but being mindful of your health and well being is more important.

May 19, 2018: Intense Joy and Sorrow

This has been a day of joy and mourning. We experienced joy by witnessing the union of Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle, now Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I didn’t get up super early to view the wedding, I watched the highlights and coverage throughout the day. It was truly moving to see a couple very much in love with each other, despite the constant scrutiny of cameras. While I know little details of their personal lives, I wish them a lifetime of blessings and happiness.

While many watched the Royal Wedding coverage throughout the day, there has also been great sorrow and mourning in Santa Fe, Texas. Another mass school shooting took place yesterday, resulting in 10 people losing their lives. Throughout the day the identities of these individuals have surfaced: ranging from an 18 year old girl from Pakistan finishing her year in a student exchange program, to a 17 year old junior who unknowingly gave his life to protect his classmates, to 2 substitute teachers who passed away trying to protect the students they loved. America has yet again endured another tragedy, taking away the lives of several children, at a place that should be the last place to experience such horror.

We experience a range of emotions in our daily life. We can feel extreme sadness over the tragedy in Texas, then happiness upon viewing two people making a commitment to love each other forever. Viewing a wedding can serve as a welcome distraction from the issues pressing our country, but it’s vital to keep in mind that human life is valuable, and we must take great care to fight for our children’s lives every day.


***Information about the Santa Fe High School shooting:ย  ***


May 18, 2018: Finally Finished ‘The Girl on the Train’

Due to a sprained ankle, I stayed home from work today. Although I received an Air Cast from the urgent care visit last night, it was still painful to walk, and I knew that I would be moving nonstop with the toddlers all day. So to promote healing, I stayed home.

So I finally finished reading ‘Girl on the Train’. I still had 100 pgs. to get through, and since I needed to rest my foot today, I figured I can finish the book. So I took care of it in over 2 hours. It was quite a good story. The story is told from 3 first-person accounts, and the speaker switches throughout the book. The primary narrator is Rachel Watson, a woman undergoing great tribulations in her life. She’s an alcoholic, struggling to handle the end of her marriage, losing her home, and losing her job. She takes the train daily in order to hide her lack of employment from her housemate. Along with drinking heavily, Rachel is prone to blackouts when drinking excessively, and such a blackout occurs the night a woman from her old neighborhood disappears. The story details Rachel trying to put the pieces together of that night, while discovering the details of the life of people in her old neighborhood she felt she knew.

‘The Girl on the Train’ has a layer of suspense, and this tension built up right up to the moment the truth of what happened to the ‘mysterious woman’. It left me wondering what was going to happen next, and feel for the characters as facts and secrets are told. I’m glad I got to finish reading ‘The Girl on the Train’. It was well worth the wait.

May 17, 2018: Not So Lucky

  • I never thought I would sprain my ankle again by standing up, but it happened today. I moved to stand, but my left foot was asleep. I got up, and my foot went another direction. I went to an urgent care place and received an air cast. My ankle is very swollen though. And painful. Definitely resting it tomorrow.
  • No Buffalo Watch on Saturday, but it looks like my ankle wouldn’t have tolerated that activity. I can’t wait to enjoy it fully in mid June!
  • My niece is heading to Florida with my aunt this weekend! They’re leaving tomorrow. She will have a very memorable experience.