May 31, 2018: A Month Away

Johanna’s memorial is a month away. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s no longer with us. In the days following her death, I observe the beauty of the outdoors, or read different poems, and feel sad that Johanna can no longer appreciate these small things. The photos of Johanna’s life posted on several friends FB pages feature many areas in her life; so comforting to view her in many scenes of her life, yet a pang of sadness lingers.

I fully intend on coming to Johanna’s memorial. I notified our local Poetry Therapy community, and there is ample time for those who wish to attend to prepare. I’m hopeful that many people from our groups can pay their respects. Our lives venture down different pathways over the years, yet Johanna had a way of keeping everyone linked together.

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