June 3, 2018: Family Visit

Today Andy and I made the trip to Paterson this afternoon. It was a much needed visit, since it’s been a few weeks since I last saw my grandparents and my mother’s gravesite. It’s always a moving experience whenever I visit my mother. It’s been 9 years, and it still feels deeply meaningful to visit her site.

The rest of my family is moving along. My grandfather is home, yet he’s still enduring breathing difficulties. He has a chronic asthma problem, which has only grown worse the last couple years. Despite his worsening condition, he’s very wary of returning to the hospital. He recently came home after being hospitalized for over a week. We’re hoping that his condition does not worsen again, since he was in bad shape the week before my aunt drove him over. We’re all hoping for the best.

My niece was also there, playing with her cousins. Her mother was grilling in the backyard. They were all having a great time in the back area, blowing bubbles and playing ‘balance’ on the cement path. It reminded me of the days when I played in the back yard with friend when I was younger. Ana is living her youth in the same family home I was raised in, but we’re unsure how much longer our home will be safe. My grandfather raised concern of his block being possibly bought out, due to the high school around the corner needing extra parking for staff. So far no move has been made to ‘claim’ the neighborhood. For now, it’s another afternoon for the family to relax, feeling blessed to gather together for another weekend.

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