June 9, 2018: Gathering of Friends

Today my fiancé and I went to Queens to gather with Johanna’s brother and special friends in her life. It was the first time that I met most the friends in Johanna’s college and high school life. It was a very relaxed environment, a group of us gathering together to share stories of Johanna’s resilience and good nature. My poetry therapy mentor was one of the participants who gathered this afternoon, and it was great to see her again, after several months. We’re both hopeful that we will meet each other again soon.

Every time I visit New York, I’m reminded of how special this city is. I lived in NYC for a few years, and I learned a lot about myself during my stay. Johanna made my time in NYC very memorable, and she gave lots of advice in reaching for my goals and dreams. I really hope and pray that I can venture up there more regularly. Johanna wanted to see me thrive, and I don’t want to let that fall by the wayside.

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