June 10, 2018: Calling Family

I finally spoke to my grandfather today. It took me three days to speak with him. Every time I tried calling my family, he was either out or just unable to talk. I was relieved to finally speak to him for a couple minutes.

He’s not doing very well. My grandfather sounded so worn down. His kidneys are failing him, and he’s waiting for some necessary paperwork from him primary physician, yet haven’t heard from him. From the way my grandfather described it, he hasn’t received word from his primary since he was discharged from the hospital a couple weeks ago. It’s so hard to hear my grandfather struggling this way. He’s normally one that’s so capable of moving around, very social. These days it’s a challenge for him to get around. I can only hope that his primary gives him the necessary paperwork that he needs, so he can have his kidneys treated right away.

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