June 13, 2018: Beaches and Bookshops

Our first full day of Wildwood has us doing a few fun things, and the day isn’t done yet. We got lunch over at Dragon House, a cool Chinese restaurant at Pacific Ave. We then drove around to get some coffee, then stopped at a bookshop in the area. There were so many stories to choose from, the place was stacked wall to wall! I ended up leaving with just one story, for now. We plan on visiting again before our stay is done.

Then the sky cleared and began to warm up, so we decided to relax im the beach for a short time. It was windy, but that didn’t stop me to relax and enjoy the sound of the rolling waves while reading my book. I’ve waited so long to just sit back and unwind, worries about work miles away.

Later on we’re going to check out a new brewery that opened up a couple months ago. Since they also serve food, it should be a nice dinner spot.

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