June 14, 2018: Cape May

Today the weather was much warmer here in Wildwood. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so Andy and I went to the beach shortly after breakfast. I spent some time relaxing, surrounding myself with the sound of the ocean waves. I also spent some time walking along the shoreline with Andy. It was such a calming experience to wade near the ocean! We also took some pictures of the ocean up close.

In the afternoon we went over to Cape May. Since this was where we got engaged two years ago, it holds such meaning for us. We drove around the scenic neighborhoods, then we went to Sunset Beach. Many people flock to this location each and every day to have a perfect view of the sunset. Today it did not disappoint, as orange, yellow and purple hues painted the landscape. Cape May is a truly magical area, and we try to visit every year when we’re visiting South Jersey.

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