June 17, 2018: Fathers Day and Long Walks

Now that Andy and I returned from Wildwood, we spent some time with Andy’s family for a Fathers Day lunch. We went to Nik’s Wunderbar, off Route 22. The menu layout was different, so I couldn’t order the meal I usually get whenever I visit there. The crowd was energetic though, since the World Cup was playing throughout the bar/restaurant. It’s always entertaining to be in establishments whenever the World Cup is playing in the background. And it was great seeing Andy’s brother and his family. His niece and nephew loved the gifts we got them from Wildwood (his niece received a stuffed unicorn, while her brother got some small dinosaurs).

After the meal, we watched the Mets game (they won again!), we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We wished that we were back by the beached in Cape May County, but it was still a beautiful day to move around the tree lined paths. We were also treated to seeing a deer with her fawn. It was adorable seeing the fawn hopping along, catching up with her mom as they were sprinting around the neighborhood.

This week I have some things to work through and complete in order for some tasks to be completed. I really want to visit New York at the end of July, so I’m praying for some magic to take place in order for it to happen.

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