June 19, 2018: Busy Work Day and Wedding Process

It’s a busy week at work…since my center is up for accreditation in a couple weeks, everyone is making sure their rooms are in the best shape. There were so many things in my classroom lying around in places where it shouldn’t have, and I threw a lot of things away. It was deeply cleansing, in a way. And of course there’s much more I need to take care of. But the rough part is completed.

After work Andy and I had a meeting with one of the deacons at our local church. This step is for a member of the church to get to know us and make sure we’re registered at the church (one of us needs to be). Now we just need to speak to someone about nailing down a date (whom I emailed a little while ago). I’m feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Hopefully we’ll get the date we requested!

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