June 21, 2018: Lasting Memories

As I was compiling photos from my phone for a classroom display, I came across some pictures of Daisy. She was a beagle, and she was the family dog at Andy’s home for two years. We adopted her from Clifton, and she was such a bright spot for the family. Sadly, Daisy passed on a few months ago from kidney failure. It was so difficult to say goodbye to her, and I still think about her often.

Andy and I would love to have another pet one day, but not everyone in the family needs to be ready for that step. One time, after leaving a pet grief group session, we visited the animal shelter shortly afterward. I wasn’t ready to adopt again at that point, I was only there to accompany Andy. As we walked by the kennels, I noticed one at the end of the room. The volunteer showing us around didn’t talk about the dog inside, but I glanced in anyway. A tall, chocolate brown Labrador female was looking right back at me. She wasn’t barking loudly like the other dogs near her, or pacing anxiously. I glanced at her tag, and saw that she was 3 years old, and was one of the animals rescued from Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria severely damaged the island. Andy and I left shortly afterward, but that Labrador lingered on my mind. I mentioned her to Andy later in the week, and we tried to look her up online, but since I didn’t remember her name we didn’t get very far.

I don’t regret not getting her information, since it wasn’t the right time to adopt. I still think about her though, and hope that she’s doing well, and that she now has a forever home. Animals are a true gift in everyone’s life. Daisy was such a gift to us, and we always think of her energetic, loving nature.

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