June 26, 2018: The Planning Begins

More than ever, I want my grandparents to be happy. We only see each other once a month, and it’s a wonderful occasion whenever we gather. Sometimes other members of the immediate family are at their home in Paterson, and it gives us a wonderful moment to share and catch up on our lives. And it’s a joy to see my young niece. I can’t believe she’s going to be four years old in a couple months!

During our last visit, Andy and I shared with them that we began planning our wedding, and we had a date in mind. Since nearly all of my immediate family was there, it made it extra special. Everyone was very excited, especially my grandparents. My grandfather may not be able to attend, due to health reasons, but he was happy that we were finally beginning to plan this moment in our lives.

Before the weekend was done, we discovered a complication in searching for a reception hall that made us reconsider the date we planned on. The search for a venue keeps going, but I’m confident that we will find a place to our liking. We’ve let too much time pass since our engagement, and I lost some special people in my life who would’ve loved to share in our happiness. I refuse to let more time pass and lose more loved ones in the process. Life is truly short for all of us.

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