Month: June 2018

June 21, 2018: Lasting Memories

As I was compiling photos from my phone for a classroom display, I came across some pictures of Daisy. She was a beagle, and she was the family dog at Andy’s home for two years. We adopted her from Clifton, and she was such a bright spot for the family. Sadly, Daisy passed on a few months ago from kidney failure. It was so difficult to say goodbye to her, and I still think about her often.

Andy and I would love to have another pet one day, but not everyone in the family needs to be ready for that step. One time, after leaving a pet grief group session, we visited the animal shelter shortly afterward. I wasn’t ready to adopt again at that point, I was only there to accompany Andy. As we walked by the kennels, I noticed one at the end of the room. The volunteer showing us around didn’t talk about the dog inside, but I glanced in anyway. A tall, chocolate brown Labrador female was looking right back at me. She wasn’t barking loudly like the other dogs near her, or pacing anxiously. I glanced at her tag, and saw that she was 3 years old, and was one of the animals rescued from Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria severely damaged the island. Andy and I left shortly afterward, but that Labrador lingered on my mind. I mentioned her to Andy later in the week, and we tried to look her up online, but since I didn’t remember her name we didn’t get very far.

I don’t regret not getting her information, since it wasn’t the right time to adopt. I still think about her though, and hope that she’s doing well, and that she now has a forever home. Animals are a true gift in everyone’s life. Daisy was such a gift to us, and we always think of her energetic, loving nature.

June 20, 2018: Wednesday Thoughts

  • Today it was one of those ‘feeling-all-over-the-place’ kind of days. With me beginning to plan a wedding, having many work tasks, and thinking about my family’s well-being, my thoughts have been swirling a lot.
  • I got to bring over new instruments for my classroom today. I brought a new small drum and new shakers. The children loved playing with the new additions!
  • Realizing that certain ‘friends’ beliefs fall on the wrong side of history is an eye-opener.

June 19, 2018: Busy Work Day and Wedding Process

It’s a busy week at work…since my center is up for accreditation in a couple weeks, everyone is making sure their rooms are in the best shape. There were so many things in my classroom lying around in places where it shouldn’t have, and I threw a lot of things away. It was deeply cleansing, in a way. And of course there’s much more I need to take care of. But the rough part is completed.

After work Andy and I had a meeting with one of the deacons at our local church. This step is for a member of the church to get to know us and make sure we’re registered at the church (one of us needs to be). Now we just need to speak to someone about nailing down a date (whom I emailed a little while ago). I’m feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Hopefully we’ll get the date we requested!

June 18, 2018: Monday Thoughts

Today it was back to the work routine. Such a change from the beauty and beaches in Cape May County last week, but Andy and I will return soon. When that will be we don’t know, but there’s plenty of summer left.

I’m thankful that got to have time to read and write during vacation. it allowed me to reconnect with a part of myself that was dormant for quite a while. I may not be able to crochet for a while, but I can enjoy my other passions, and that’s a wonderful thing.

I hope to finish ‘After Alice’ this week. It’s quite an amusing read, an interesting twist to the Alice and Wonderland story.

June 17, 2018: Fathers Day and Long Walks

Now that Andy and I returned from Wildwood, we spent some time with Andy’s family for a Fathers Day lunch. We went to Nik’s Wunderbar, off Route 22. The menu layout was different, so I couldn’t order the meal I usually get whenever I visit there. The crowd was energetic though, since the World Cup was playing throughout the bar/restaurant. It’s always entertaining to be in establishments whenever the World Cup is playing in the background. And it was great seeing Andy’s brother and his family. His niece and nephew loved the gifts we got them from Wildwood (his niece received a stuffed unicorn, while her brother got some small dinosaurs).

After the meal, we watched the Mets game (they won again!), we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We wished that we were back by the beached in Cape May County, but it was still a beautiful day to move around the tree lined paths. We were also treated to seeing a deer with her fawn. It was adorable seeing the fawn hopping along, catching up with her mom as they were sprinting around the neighborhood.

This week I have some things to work through and complete in order for some tasks to be completed. I really want to visit New York at the end of July, so I’m praying for some magic to take place in order for it to happen.

June 16, 2018: Heading Home

Andy and I are on our way home. It was a wonderful few days in Wildwood and Cape May. Today was a day reliving memories of where Andy vacationed with his family growing up. We tried visiting a local friend Andy knew during his many trips, but she was in the middle of a family reunion. We will visit another time. Hopefully we can work something out with her in the future, so we will have another place to relax.

We had a great experience at the Windward Motel, and the owners are very laid back, always available to give a helping hand when needed. I’m already looking forward to our next visit, which i hope will be soon.

Andy and I made sure that we stopped at Mack’s Pizza for dinner, then we walked around the boardwalk for the last time. Since it’s Saturday, the area was packed with families and shoppers, but it didn’t bother me so much. It adds to the beauty of the shore town. After some picture-taking, we’re making the journey home.

I feel a pang of sadness upon leaving, but I’m looking forward to the next time I go with my fiance. Wildwood and Cape May is where we make precious memories each and every time. It’s truly our happy place.