June 19, 2018: Busy Work Day and Wedding Process

It’s a busy week at work…since my center is up for accreditation in a couple weeks, everyone is making sure their rooms are in the best shape. There were so many things in my classroom lying around in places where it shouldn’t have, and I threw a lot of things away. It was deeply cleansing,Continue reading “June 19, 2018: Busy Work Day and Wedding Process”

June 18, 2018: Monday Thoughts

Today it was back to the work routine. Such a change from the beauty and beaches in Cape May County last week, but Andy and I will return soon. When that will be we don’t know, but there’s plenty of summer left. I’m thankful that got to have time to read and write during vacation.Continue reading “June 18, 2018: Monday Thoughts”

June 17, 2018: Fathers Day and Long Walks

Now that Andy and I returned from Wildwood, we spent some time with Andy’s family for a Fathers Day lunch. We went to Nik’s Wunderbar, off Route 22. The menu layout was different, so I couldn’t order the meal I usually get whenever I visit there. The crowd was energetic though, since the World CupContinue reading “June 17, 2018: Fathers Day and Long Walks”

June 16, 2018: Heading Home

Andy and I are on our way home. It was a wonderful few days in Wildwood and Cape May. Today was a day reliving memories of where Andy vacationed with his family growing up. We tried visiting a local friend Andy knew during his many trips, but she was in the middle of a familyContinue reading “June 16, 2018: Heading Home”

June 15, 2018: Cold Springs and Beach Walks

Today Andy and I relaxed at both Cape May and Wildwood. In the afternoon, we had lunch near Cold Springs village. It’s a pretty town near Cape May, with small, summer homes and wild birds and goats throughout the neighborhood. After lunch we returned to Wildwood, where we re-visited Hooked on Books. This time IContinue reading “June 15, 2018: Cold Springs and Beach Walks”

June 14, 2018: Cape May

Today the weather was much warmer here in Wildwood. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so Andy and I went to the beach shortly after breakfast. I spent some time relaxing, surrounding myself with the sound of the ocean waves. I also spent some time walking along the shoreline with Andy. It was such aContinue reading “June 14, 2018: Cape May”

June 13, 2018: Beaches and Bookshops

Our first full day of Wildwood has us doing a few fun things, and the day isn’t done yet. We got lunch over at Dragon House, a cool Chinese restaurant at Pacific Ave. We then drove around to get some coffee, then stopped at a bookshop in the area. There were so many stories toContinue reading “June 13, 2018: Beaches and Bookshops”

June 12, 2018: Wildwood

Tonight is my first night away, on vacation. I’m down in Wildwood with Andy. It feels great to be away from central NJ for a few days, in one of my favorite places to visit. Tonight is a bit breezier than usual, but a perfect time for walking on the boardwalk. I look forward toContinue reading “June 12, 2018: Wildwood”

June 11, 2018: One More Day

Getting ready for our trip to Wildwood tomorrow. This day was filled with packing, trying on summer clothes (that still fit) to bring with me…my least favorite task, but I found some pieces to bring along! Now just watching some television before relaxing with my current book choice, ‘After Alice’ by Gregory Maguire. Tomorrow, unfortunately,Continue reading “June 11, 2018: One More Day”

June 10, 2018: Calling Family

I finally spoke to my grandfather today. It took me three days to speak with him. Every time I tried calling my family, he was either out or just unable to talk. I was relieved to finally speak to him for a couple minutes. He’s not doing very well. My grandfather sounded so worn down.Continue reading “June 10, 2018: Calling Family”