July 7, 2018: Birthdays and Bookstores

Today was spent celebrating a loved one’s birthday. It was Andy’s mom’s birthday, so we had a nice lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. They always have a good assortment of food. We had strawberry shortcake for the birthday dessert, and that was delicious.

During the meal, Andy’s sister and I talked a little about the details of the wedding. The venue and church dates are finally set in place, so we can finally work on the guest list. Andy and I soon discovered that there were a lot more people than we thought (still suitable for the venue, but a big group). I’m hoping that this process won’t be too chaotic.

In the afternoon, Andy and I went to Doylestown PA. There’s this really cool book store there, and I enjoy walking out with lots of stuff. They also have lots of literary journals. I’m looking forward to visiting there again.

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