July 9, 2018: Reaching Out

Today was back to the regular work week. Although it was a little hard to return, the great weekend I experienced certainly helped me ease back into the routine. The day had all of the craziness working with toddlers always brings. Eventually the work day came to a close, and I was heading home I noticed a Facebook post from one of my New York relatives. This person was once close, but time caused us to drift apart. I always think about the fun times we shared during family gatherings, and I always think about his well being.

In my relative’s post it revealed something rather surprising, and I never imagined him enduring such deep roadblocks. After taking in his post, I contacted his loved ones about him, and she responded that he was doing well, but she appreciated me reaching out. I feel regret about not knowing about his struggle for so long. It seems that he largely disappeared for quite some time, but I honestly didn’t think about contacting him. I can blame it on my flakiness, or life and events just moving too fast. The end result is the same unfortunate thought: If only I kept in touch with him more often.


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