July 13, 2018: Ready For the Weekend

As I mentioned before, mornings are the best time for calm. I have the time to gather my thoughts and ready myself for the day. No noise, no drama following me. It’s kind of therapeutic, in a way. I’m already waiting for 6pm, when my week of routine craziness will be done. For now, I’m relaxing and listening to YouTube videos for a good laugh.

I’m glad that I read a chapter from ‘The Lovely Bones’ last night. It’s a pretty good book, and I hope to get halfway done by the time the weekend is finished. There are a few books that are waiting for me to read, and I can’t wait to dive into them!

Looking forward to calling my grandparents this weekend. I hope that my grandfather is up for talking for a little while. His condition has made him very lethargic lately. It’s still unbelievable that a once active, social person is at this state. Life plays its cruel fate on people each and every day.

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