July 14, 2018: Gatherings and Library Adventures

It’s been a quiet but eventful Saturday. Earlier today was Andy’s brother’s birthday celebration at Chimney Rock. It was a good gathering, and some close family friends were there, in addition to immediate family. Andy’s nephew certainly made his presence known, in a good way!

After the gathering we went to the Hunterdon County Library to take out some curriculum related books for my theme. I found one book, then was about to do a catalog search online when the power went out. Turns out that the library was running on generator power all day, then it gave out. I can still take out the book I had, so I did just that.

Andy and I then went to the North Branch location for books. Their computers were down, but we could still check out books manually. I had to search for what I needed by combing through the stacks, but thankfully that didn’t take long. This is one of moments where the old fashioned method of paper card catalogs would serve a great purpose! It all worked out in the end though. I kinda love searching through titles in stacks. It’s the book lover in me!

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