July 19, 2018: Escape in Poetry Therapy

It’s going to get busy with poetry therapy for the next week. Saturday begins ACTIONWEEK, the yearly poetry therapy intensive. My mentor Lila Weisberger used to arrange the schedule, but she passed down the duties to Nessa a couple years ago. Both women have held amazing programs, and I used to attend every workshop, from beginning to end.

Due to me no longer living near NYC, the last four years have been difficult for me to attend the entire week. I’ve only been able to attend one day. My work schedule has made it extremely difficult to take weekdays off during the summer. Fortunately, this year I’ll be able to attend next weekend, both days. It’s such a relief, since I always look forward to ACTIONWEEK every year.

The only thing that’s sad about attending group is that Johanna will not be there with us. I think back to our phone conversations in the past in the weeks leading up to the intensive. We would talk about who we would see, what topics we would cover. Johanna was always someone who gathered so many materials for her workshops, so she would have lots of supplies to share. To not have her confident presence with us will be a bit emotional.

I look forward to attending though, because our poetry therapy is strong, and close knit. We hear each other during times of crisis and joy. It’s time for me to escape life in central NJ and connect with my poetry therapy tribe once again.


  1. I went to a writing conference for poetry once and it was amazing! But that was back in college. It has been quite a while since I have been able to do anything like that.

    1. perezcat01 says:

      I used to attend the entire iaPOETRY intensive every summer, for over 10 years. It’s been so difficult to do that since I moved out of NYC. I still try to write as much as possible!

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